Orthodontics – A Form of Functional Art

orthodontics bracesOrthodontics is considered by many a job like any others, with a fixed schedule and conventional procedures. Yet, there is more than that! Practicing orthodontics involves having a vision of the final result; the skills to achieve the best look in given conditions and the patience necessary to take small steps towards your goal. The final result: an aesthetically modified version of one’s dentition, a form of art which boosts self-esteem and adds value to the individual. If we are to make a connection between art and orthodontics, here is what it would look like.

Raw material transformed into a pleasant work

Both art and orthodontics work with raw materials. For art it is practically anything which can be transformed, from conventional materials such as stone, brass and colors to unusual materials, such as recycled bottles and wires. Orthodontics, on the other hand, works with badly aligned teeth and puts them in the right position for a look that pleases the eye and facilitates the well-functioning of every tooth.


Both the artist and the orthodontist need vision in order to “see” the final result before the creative process/treatment actually starts. Just as the artist has everything set up in his mind when he starts to create, so has the orthodontist the final picture of how the dentition will look like after the treatment. They both have a detailed plan of the entire process and anticipate each stage needed in order to obtain a perfect work. The artist has all the specialized tools in accordance with the type of art performed, while the orthodontist puts to work all the specialized equipment, including X-rays, photos, dental imprints and straightening devices, to insure a perfect outcome.


The aesthetic component is, needless to say, prevalent in both the artistic act of creation as well as in the orthodontic treatment. While the different form of art enchants the eye and opens up the soul, the orthodontic treatment enhances the individual’s overall look and lifts up its spirit. The word “beautiful” stands beside both types of work, which makes them equally special. However, while the artistic creation is meant for external admiration, the orthodontic treatment is mainly aimed at one person – the patient.

The final outcome

The journey may be thrilling, but what matters the most, in both cases, is the final result. After hundreds of hours of work and countless days of treatment, the moths turn into beautiful butterflies. The artist admires its creation, while the orthodontist finally sees all teeth rightly aligned into a big, perfect smile. The satisfaction is probably similar for both of them, as they both offer their work to the world.

Orthodontics is a form of functional art, the perfect blend between vision and technology. The anticipation is made more secure by registering all details on camera and carefully analyzing every inch of the patient’s dentition. The tools are diversified and up-to-date and the final result is carefully controlled during months of treatment. But the emotion is still there, the hard work is there and at the end of the day, the satisfaction is definitely there for both the patient and the orthodontist.

Picture by Flickr